Corporate Sponsorship

We did it!

Yes, Leadership Memphis has taken another big Step Up in preparing and mobilizing leaders for the good of our whole community

From our inception in the late 1970’s Leadership Memphis has been known as an organization focused on advancing diversity and inclusivity.  During our recent strategic planning process the association of Leadership Memphis with those values was further reinforced by our alumni and community stakeholders through surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews.  So, it should come as no surprise that Leadership Memphis can declare the following:

  • Leadership Memphis spent 52% with minority and women-owned businesses in FY2014 from our goods and services budget
  • The new FY2015 board of directors is majority minority and minority female for the first time
  • Upon graduation 90% of the Executive Program 2014 agreed or strongly agreed with “I actively advance community diversity and inclusion” (Only 55% did so at the beginning of the program.)

What better way to prepare and mobilize leaders than to lead by example.  To demonstrate that it is possible to address economic disparity and respect for each other in tangible and meaningful ways.  Leadership Memphis isn’t just saying it is important to do this.  We are doing it.

This kind of work is not possible without corporate support.  We know that and are fortunate to have numerous corporate sponsors.  We hope you will consider how we can partner in making a difference together.  

More is planned for the coming year.  Leadership Memphis would deeply your support.

To become a corporate sponsor contact Jared Bulluck, Director of Community and Alumni Engagement, at or (901) 278-0016


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