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*Note: Recurring contributions will process on the corresponding date that you made your first payment i.e. August 28, September 28, October 28, etc. and will contnue unless you wish to cancel. If you wish to cancel or change your monthly donation please contact Jared Bulluck, Sr. Director of Community and Alumni Engagement at (901) 278-0016 or jbulluck@leadershipmemphis.org.


Leadership Memphis is all about making a difference. We plan to accomplish even more in the coming years. Here are some of our specific new goals pertaining to growing community leadership, expanding volunteerism, and increasing educational attainment and workforce development:

1,000Leadership Memphis program participants will graduate Next 5 Years

1000 Leadership Memphis program participants will graduate from the Executive, FastTrack, Grassroots and Criminal/Juvenile Justice Programs over the next five years. At the rate of 200 per year, these community leaders will give back in many, many ways both big and small. Just like you, your classmates and other alumni do. And this will be the most diverse network of engaged community leaders in the City of Memphis.

1,000,000Volunteer Hours 40 Companies

1,000,000 Volunteer Hours will be generated through Volunteer Memphis, the volunteer center for Memphis and an action initiative of Leadership Memphis. Please visit our website at www.volunteermemphis.org and consider the hundreds of opportunities to serve – or if you are on the board of a nonprofit that needs volunteers, please make sure they list their opportunities there. Volunteer Memphis also convenes a Corporate Volunteer Council comprised of over 40 companies that plow thousands and thousands of volunteer hours into hundreds of worthwhile nonprofit volunteer projects across the Mid-South.

1,000Adults will re-enroll in college 130+ Partners

1,000 Adults will re-enroll in college through Graduate Memphis, the college resource center for Memphis and an action initiative of Leadership Memphis. Please visit our website at www.graduatememphis.org. These adults will work toward certificates, as well as 2-year and 4-year degrees, which will ultimately result in better jobs for them and a better workforce for Memphis. In addition to the 7-day a week college resource center located inside the Benjamin L. Hooks Branch of the Memphis Public Library, Graduate Memphis also leads a 130+ partner collaborative of community leaders and organizations striving to increase post-secondary attainment, as well as the National Training Center of Excellence for college resource centers around the United States.

I hope you will step up with us and make a difference this year by making your alumni sponsor commitment now. We have numerous giving levels, as well as multiple ways to give. Again, thanks for your support, your vote of confidence and for all you do for our community!


Leadership Memphis thanks our Alumni Sponsors and friends for the lead role they take providing the financial fuel necessary for this organization to do what we do - prepare and mobilize leaders to work together for the good of the whole community.


Above and beyond the many, many actions our alumni perform personally to make Memphis a better place to live, as an alumni sponsor you pay it forward in an equally significant way, investing in the development of other community leaders each year! Without investing in community leaders our metro area will not grow our base of talented/engaged community leaders for the future, including those who will work alongside us, as well as those who will someday replace us.

You recognize, as do we, that a city is only as great as its community leadership. And that is worth an investment. It is worth your investment. And we thank you again for your support!


Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations like Leadership Memphis are expected to provide quality programs and services, create strong and meaningful relationships, and deliver positive impact for the community. Leadership Memphis has never been more focused on these three words: Quality, Relationships and Impact. It is our QRI formula that will result in success.


Leadership Memphis is currently undergoing a Balridge assessment and will be applying for a Balridge National Quality Award later this year. While we will be vying for this award, the most important part of the assessment and application process is to identify opportunities for improving the quality of all we do at Leadership Memphis. As a testament to this commitment, Graduate Memphis has recently been named the National Center of Excellence for the Graduate! Network, comprised of 17 college resource centers serving adults across the United States.



Members of the Leadership Memphis family tend to build relationships naturally. Of course, going through a Leadership Memphis program accelerates the rate at which relationships are built, while also increasing them exponentially. Soon, there will be new ways for alumni to further engage and continue developing a variety of relationships with others who want to see our city successful. No doubt that as an alumnus of Leadership Memphis you have relationships you will always remember and treasure. Numerous relationships result in serving on a nonprofit board, partnering to address a community challenge, or getting some extra business. The online LM alumni directory is just one way that Leadership Memphis provides the tools to stay connected and to make new connections – all in the name of community leaders working together for our community.


Whether it is sending 600 high school students on college and career tours, introducing over 1,000 adults to mentoring opportunities, re-enrolling 750 adults in college, providing 10,000 meals to the Mid-South Food Bank, or registering 5,000 new volunteers through Volunteer Memphis, Leadership Memphis is serious about having impact and measuring impact. Leadership Memphis is more than a learning organization. We are also a doing organization. We are getting things done for Memphis and the Mid-South.


In the next section, you will see more of the impact we are having and the difference it is making thanks to your financial support. We call this “Return on Community” or “ROC." Every dollar you invest in Leadership Memphis has a “Return on Community.”

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